Expunctions & Non-Disclosures

Denton County Expunction Attorney

Our law office specializes in getting your record sealed.

Expunction Orders:

These require law enforcement agencies to erase and destroy records related to a case. A person is only eligible if specific requirements are met. There are several ways in which a person becomes eligible for an expunction such as if their case is dismissed, never filed within the statute of limitations, or they are found “Not Guilty” of the charge. You should contact an attorney to check if you are eligible.


These are Court Orders that prohibit government agencies from publicly disseminating case/criminal records. Unlike an Order of Expunction, the records still exist; the County or District Clerk “seals” the records and they are ordered not to disclose records to the public. You may only get ONE shot at a non-disclosure, make sure to have representation. Contact Me if you are interested in pursing your options.